Back to School Fun: Make Back-to-school DVD Movie with PowerPoint

Half fun, half fear. That is always what your kids feel in the first week of school. Fun in meeting new friends, and fear of the summer gone-by yet of what's to come. As teachers and parents, you can plan a colorful series of back to school crafts and activities to shatter the fear and encourage your kids. You may throw a funny film shot at night of the first school day, but I assume it would be more interesting and inspiring to guide kids to DIY their own back-to-school DVD movies with PowerPoint. Since kids are curious to new things, a challenging movie creation may dig their inspiration of crafts, brush up their computer skills, drive out initial back-to-school fear, and rebuild confidence in them. So this new school year, teach your children to make an icebreaker back-to-school DVD movie with PowerPoint and make a shiny start.

What You Will Need:

  • High-def Digital Photos High-def Digital Photos

  • MS PowerPoint MS PowerPoint on Your PC

  • Back to School Video/Audio Mood Music or Video Clips

  • blank DVD disc for back-to-school movie Quality Blank DVD Disk(s)

  • Moyea PPT to DVD Burner Edu Moyea PPT to DVD Burner Edu

  • DVD player DVD Player or Projector

What to Do:

Generally, this back-to-school DVD movie requires 2 processes - One is to mould in PowerPoint, One is to burn to DVD disc.

A. Mould back-to-school PowerPoint slideshow
I recommend MS PowerPoint because it is easy to use for young kids. You don't need to be a genius to use and teach PowerPoint. Now the first step you are to take is to compose the shape of the back-to-school movie with PowerPoint. Have no idea of the "shape"? It indicates what kind of story you want to develop in the back-to-school movie. It can either be an immediate record of awesome activities on the first school day, or an exotic collection of each kid's photo memories of the past summer vacation.
As to the movie story itself, you should associate it with your existing sources: the most basic factor digital photos, the effect accelerator mood music (also background music), or fitting video clips to give more of a touch. Be sure you have enough high-def photos in hand to support a back-to-school movie show (usu. 7-10 photos per minute).

When all the materials for the digital project are ready, it's time to assemble them into PowerPoint. You can use Photo Album in PowerPoint 2003/2007 to add in and edit the photos in order, insert the ready video clip to an expected slide, title the scenes of your movie story, and give a music mood that hits the point.
After edition, it comes to the second process:

B. Burn back-to-school PowerPoint presentation to DVD disc

A slideshow is not enough. Your back-to-school PowerPoint presentation can be playback on a DVD player or projector like a real TV show. All you need is to burn it to accessible DVD with such a cheap but effective app as Moyea PPT to DVD Burner Edu, an e-Learning program that can burn PowerPoint to SCORM compliant DVD and video at on go. Here is a simple guide of burning PowerPoint to DVD disc.

a. Pop in a blank DVD disc to your PC if supportable. Otherwise, you will finally get DVD image files of the back-to-school movie that requires another burning app to burn to disc.
b. Install and launch Moyea PPT to DVD Burner Edu. Then import the back-to-school PowerPoint file.
c. Select the output to DVD (either Standard or High Definition). Personalize your back-to-school DVD movie with your individual logo. Also select a proper DVD theme from the Menu tab.
d. Click Start to burn the back-to-school PowerPoint to DVD (disc).

For illustrative details of burning a PowerPoint presentation to DVD, see in How to Burn PowerPoint to DVD

OK. Your back-to-school DVD movie is ready on a disc. Connect it to a DVD player hooked to a large-screen TV, or to your school computer with a projector. Turn the icebreaker movie on, sit back with your kids, and enjoy the fun school day project!

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Say Hello to New Classmates with A Self-introduction Video Slideshow

Simple self-introduction video slideshow - A stylish way to show the truest of yourself to your new pals at this back to school season

The new school year comes with the end of this wild summer 2009. Now you are heading back to school, entering into a higher grade, and will meet new faces in class, often say "Hello" to each other in the first class, by a string of self-introductions. It's perfect that you are born an eloquent presenter. But if you happen to be a slow speaker liable to a tongue-tie before public, you need to take efforts preparing your self-introduction in advance. A pretty cool option for you shy students, particularly to you computer geeks, is to employ a compelling video slideshow to outstand yourselves in front of the new class.

What can a smart video slideshow bring?

A well-structured video slideshow can not only wow your audience, but also bring you sheer joy of creation. When you say Hello to your new classmates by a live video show with a laptop, or an iPhone projected to a white wall, they would have a deeper impression of you. If you publish the video slideshow to YouTube or Facebook, later the new pals coming to it would remind you of your special performance on the first day of the new semester.

As to self-improvement, you can get a closer look of yourself from your DIY profile, as well as exercise computer skills at making video slideshow. Because you can't convince the audience unless you know yourself and express yourself properly.

How to make a video slideshow of self-introduction?

It's less than a cinch to create your self-introduction video. Here I would love to suggest two methods, one for PowerPoint users, and one for students without PowerPoint on their PCs.

Moyea PPT to Video Converter Edu 1. Moyea PPT to Video Converter Edu If you are using MS PowerPoint, you can compose your self-introduction slideshow there. Then use Moyea PPT to Video Converter Edu, an all-inclusive PowerPoint-to-video conversion program, to convert the existing PPT presentation to video, as video makes more sense beyond a desktop, extending your profile to the live Web, a Blackberry, an iPod, an iPhone, and more. As to the content, you can include your name, age, address, likes, dislikes, hobbies, strength, etc., illustrated by animations, graphics, flash, movie clips, and backed up with a lengthy piece of light music or your very voice narration. If necessary, get some beautiful back-to-school PowerPoint backgrounds at Free Back to School PowerPoint Backgrounds

For free PowerPoint templates, click here

Done your self-introduction in PowerPoint, now you can assign the conversion task to Moyea PPT to Video Converter Edu. All in 3 simple steps:
a) Install the e-Learning app, launch it, and import the presentation of your self-introduction.
b) Select an output video format, most popular as AVI, MP4 and WMV. Customize the video profile options as you specialize.
c) Click "Start" to convert to video.

Once the video slideshow comes out, hook it to from your local drive to an iPod or Blackberry, upload it to a video hosting site like YouTube, publish at popular Facebook, embed to your personal blog, and invite your new pals to visit. Alternatively, save it to a CD or USB flash drive, and take to school for a live delivery to those fresh faces.

Windows Movie Maker 2. Windows Movie Maker
Not a PowerPoint user? You can still make a self-introduction video since there is a helpful friend - free Windows Movie Maker. Import and assemble the sources (usu. video clips of your typical moments, pictures of your favorite sports, stars, food…) of your self-introduction into Windows Movie Maker. Edit all the elements into a story video with a beginning, middle and end. Use titles, transitions, sounds to make the "TV-style" video enjoyable.

When your self-introduction video slideshow is ready, you can do as described in the first method to share with your new classmates. Enjoy video inspiration, enjoy new school year!


Web 2.0 with Your Class: 7 Amazing Back-to-school Presentation Tools

For a classroom lesson, especially a class that will matter, today's school staff would prefer a dynamic slideshow (remaining original in PowerPoint or reformed in SCORM-compliant video, DVD, Flash) to a chalk-and-blackboard interpretation. There is no doubt that current education is jumping on the train of Web 2.0, typically represented by the integration of digital technology into classroom and the emergence of social networking sites like Blogs, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. This post covers 7 amazing picks of presentation software or solutions for eager teachers and students who want more broadcasting of a back-to-school masterpiece.

Your First-choice Back-to-school Presentation Tools & Applications

1. MS PowerPoint MS PowerPoint: The most prevalent presentation-authoring tool developed by Microsoft, great for educators and students to vivify a plain lecture text with lively animations, graphics, music, or even movie clips.

2. Moyea PPT to DVD Burner Edu Moyea PPT to DVD Burner Edu: An e-Learning program to burn PowerPoint courseware to DVD and convert it to video for cross-platform access on a TV with DVD player and a different computer. From home to school, from desktop to the Web, the presentation tool enables teachers and students to manage their course content on a protective DVD disc and in web-ready video, without bothering to any PowerPoint corruption on a destination device.
Hot Features: Batch process of 12 PowerPoint files. Relieve users from distribution defect of a big PowerPoint file. Retain everything original from PowerPoint to the output DVD. No loss of animations, wipes, sounds or video clips. Watermark to personalize a DVD/video slideshow.

3. Moyea PowerPoint to Video Converter Edu Moyea PPT to Video Converter Edu: Green video course creator that makes SCORM compliant video from an e-Learning PowerPoint presentation. Moyea PPT to Video Converter Edu let users expand a course presentation beyond a desktop, but to a video-compliant portable like iPod and iPhone, to a video-hosting site like YouTube and TeacherTube. Great for remote online learning.
Hot Features: Batch conversion of 12 PPT files. Keep complete of a PowerPoint presentation including animations, transitions, music and movie clips to a quality video. Create 12+ video formats from PowerPoint, e.g. ASF, AVI, MOV, FLV, MP4, VOB…

4. Zoho Show 2.0 Zoho Show: An ONLINE presentation tool that allows you to create a new presentation from scratch using its pre-built themes, as well as to import an existing presentation from both MS PowerPoint (PPT, PPS)and OpenOffice (ODP, SXI). Users can edit, publish, and show their presentations online and export as PPT, PPS, HTML, ODP and PDF.
Hot Features: Free for individual users. Create a presentation full of text, images, shapes, lists, and pre-built content templates
Drawbacks: Limit to PowerPoint file size - no more than 10 MB. Miss on original effects from an existing presentation.

5. Slideshare SlideShare: The largest website of slideshows, similar to YouTube in the video field. Support presentations of all types: MS PowerPoint, OpenOffice and Apple Keynote. Good for students and educators who want to archive presentations online for sharing and receiving feedbacks.
Hot Features: Free. Bulk upload of presentations. 100MB capacity. Invite friends and colleagues to visit your slideshow via email.
Drawbacks: Miss on all dynamic elements in PowerPoint, like sounds and effects.

6. Empressr Empressr: An Ajax and Flash-based service to make and share presentations online. Allows you to save each slide as single image and to make an imported presentation editable.
Hot Feature: Uses Flash and Ajax rather than HTML and Ajax to add more media than other tools including audio and video.
Drawback: Complete loss of original effects in a input presentation.

7. ThinkFree Show ThinkFree Show: A Java-based presentation application similar to Microsoft PowerPoint. ThinkFree Show offers an ease to create rich presentations and play them through the online editor or by graphic. You can also save your presentations for viewing in Microsoft PowerPoint and share them with others online.
Hot Feature: Can convert PPT to PDF, text and image.
Drawback: Cannot convert properly of a PPT file more than 5MB.

Cheap and fast-to-create, these e-Learning presentation tools have been encouraging staff and faculty nowadays to take more advantage of Web 2.0 technology. Just boost your new school year with a proper tech tool of the above!


Make Back-to-school Lesson Plan in PowerPoint, Video and DVD

Script out your PowerPoint lesson plans from the day one back to school yet? Kids are going back to school, and as a teacher, you face the hot potato of ice-break, confidence-rebuild task, always beginning with a cheerful lesson plan. And most of you teaching peers tool the first back-to-school lesson plan with the smart MS PowerPoint. Sometimes, these back-to-school lesson plans are transformed from PowerPoint to video or DVD video that is cooler and that can span from across the Internet to a home TV. Can't believe it? That's absolutely true, and quite simple if you take a screen-capture program like Camtasia or a PowerPoint to DVD and video converter like Moyea PPT to DVD Burner.

Nevertheless, you should brick up your back-to-school lesson plan first - to define what you want to teach, to develop clear and specific objectives, to write an Anticipatory Set and step-by-step procedures to reach the objectives, to include a closure for the lesson plan, and to figure out your assessment/evaluation. Only then, can it be the best time to beautify it with PowerPoint and finalize it in sleek video or DVD. If you have no idea of how to begin, these sites with back to school lesson plans may give you a glimmer:

    NCSL offers a systemic back-to-school program with lesson plans ranging from high school, middle school and elementary school. You can download a proper one for classroom use.

    The Lesson Plans Page hosts a colorful collection of back to school lesson plans for kids. Discover one that comes to your taste, and also submit your fabulous lesson plan to the learning community.

    A to Z Teacher Stuff provides you an abundant directory of lesson plans and teaching resources, containing from back-to-school themes and thematic units, literature & book activities, to math, science, learning centers, social studies, computers, reading, writing, P.E./health, cooperative learning.

    Scholastic sets back-to-school lesson plans that you can grasp at a glance by well-organized categories, either from pre-school to grade 12, or from math to science.

    Teaching with Historic Places lets you celebrate the first days of new school year with lesson plans that consider important aspects of the history of education and educational facilities. Created by National Park Service interpreters, preservation professionals, and educators, the lessons are free and ready for immediate classroom use by students in history and social studies classes.

    To deliver the back to school lesson plan via a sheer paper or an audiovisual presentation, it depends on your existing classroom facilities. Personally, I prefer the audiovisual teaching method - whether in original PowerPoint or processed DVD or video. If a picture is worth a thousand of words, an animated video, especially a movie-feel DVD must be worth ten thousands. Give a try to such a dynamic practice of lesson plan to gear your resistant kids back to school. Here I would like to add a word on how to turning your lesson plan presentation to video or DVD with Moyea PPT to DVD Burner.

    It is a 3-click task.

    • 1. Install and launch the .exe file of Moyea PPT to DVD Burner. 2. Import your PowerPoint presentation of back to school lesson plan, select an output option, either DVD (you can choose Standard or High Definition) or video (about 12 popular video format in total), set the output details in Advanced Settings and indentify with a logo if necessary. 3. Click the Start button, under the Burn tab, to start converting your lesson plan PPT file to video or DVD.

    Note: The PowerPoint to DVD and video conversion program has a built-in burning engine that can burn your presentation to a blank DVD.

    Then, at the first day of the new school year, you can show the students your spectacular lesson plan slideshow with a projected laptop or even a DVD player attached to a big-screen TV. It is also a good idea to leave a moment for independent practice during the lesson plan slideshow.

    See Also

    Free Education PowerPoint Templates


How to Make New-school-year Class List in PowerPoint DVD and Video

Start the new school year off with a dynamic DVD and video class list made in PowerPoint. Why choose PowerPoint to make the class list? Why convert the class list in PowerPoint to DVD and video? What should the class list include?

As the new school year comes this August, teachers must begin concerning a list of back-to-school supplies to engage students back from holiday to class. It is a big challenge for each teacher trying to reconnect students who may be sad and scared after a summer of travel excitement and home relax. Yet as well begun is half done, a well-organized class list is essential for an upcoming harvest school year.

So what can you use to make the class list? A piece of plain paper? That's what teachers in your Grandma's age always did! In this era of digital mode, you'd turn on something audiovisual in your new-school-year class list. A bit confused with the concept "audiovisual"? Well, I mean you can take a combined advantage of these educational software programs: MS PowerPoint (for composing a dynamic class list with attractive look), Moyea PPT to DVD Burner (for distributing and saving the PowerPoint class list in read-only DVD and video).

Why choose PowerPoint to make the class list?

On the one hand, PowerPoint has the power to attract your students, while a traditional piece of paper in white and black seems too boring to invoke the loose minds. A picture is worth a thousand of words, not to mention a moving flow of pictures with sounds! Such is PowerPoint. On the other hand, PowerPoint is energy-economic and environment- friendly compared with a traditional paper made of wood. The paperless PowerPoint adds to your class list a sense of green. Apart from those, families these days tend to read on a computer or receive from a TV rather than browse at a single paper note that may fade and that takes home space.

Why convert the class list in PowerPoint to DVD and video?

MS PowerPoint does aid you in making an eye-catching class list. However, it is deficient when coming to distribution of your class list animated with effects and embedded with a sound track. When you upload the class list presentation direct to Internet, you may suffer a full loss of dynamic components; and when you email it to a parent using a different operating system, he/she may fail to open your class list. To span the scope of your PowerPoint class list, you can turn it to universal DVD or video format using the professional program Moyea PPT to DVD Burner. Finalize it onto a portable and protective DVD that can be playback on a home TV connected to a DVD player, or convert it into a seamless video that can be shared on the Web (YouTube, TeacherTube, blog, podcast, etc.) and viewed with a mobile like iPod, iPhone and Blackberry. Click here to get a browse on how to convert PowerPoint to DVD and video.

Once shaped in DVD and video, the new-school-year class list becomes easy to reach a student or parent with a DVD player, to publish on your webpage and to email to your students inviting them or their parents to participate. That is teaching with technology. Now you must get an idea of the reason to choose education software tools PowerPoint and Moyea PPT to DVD Burner. It's time to turn back to the class list itself, another crucial part of this essay. You may wonder

What should the class list include?

Your class list is for getting close to each student and his/her family within the minimum time. The content of the PowerPoint class list depends on who the target audience is.

If you are to teach a new class and want to keep a student track of your own, you can include the following items in the class list:

  • Each student's profile with photos

  • Each student's home/email address and parent name(s)

To keep track of students in your class, you can use make a class list recording each student's profile, parent name(s) and home address, or even email address. Also, remember to label them with different symbols for reorganization. This will help your match students' faces with their names at the first days of the new school year.

If you expect the assistance from parents of your students in carrying out a new-school year plan, involve these items in the class list:

  • Expectations for the new school year

  • Class policies and regulations

  • Back-to-school supplies

  • Dates of upcoming events and activities

It is necessary to set up your expectations, class policies, back-to-school supply list and opening events at the beginning of the new school year, a vital time to get to know your students, help them out of holiday hangover, and quickly acclimate to the new environment with group activities.

At last, I would like to sum the essay up with three phrases - conceive your class list in your brain, compose it with MS PowerPoint, and convert to DVD and video for easy distribution. Just do utmost to guide your students go through a transition shock from wild summer leisure to regular school life.